Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Advice to me 20 year old self

In 2015, if I am right with the year, LinkedIn started a series, “If I Were 22,” asking some of the world’s top voices in business to share what they’d do differently — and keep the same. More than 50 Influencers dusted off old yearbooks and dug into their archives for vintage photos from their 20s. Compiling it all into a year book, the series invited people like you and me to do the same. I know I am a little late to do it. But having just entered the band wagon of being 30's, I'd like to take the chance to reminisce my 20's. The age of freedom and responsibilities.
Graduating at the age of 19, I soon started working in a call centre despite my parents discomfort with me working at odd hours. But, I still did it and thankfully they supported me whole heartedly.
Before, I turned 20, I got an offer to join Google - a dream land for many. I packed my bag and baggage trekking towards a new journey of entering adulthood. 20's brought heart aches and it brought the embrace of a lifelong relationship.
At the age of 22, I broke multiple limbs on the left side of my body which till date are taking time to heal. Amidst, the sympathising eyes of strangers and support of family and friends; between dealing with what I lost and what I want to gain, I grew into being a stronger person. My rise after my fall, made me an inspiration to others. But the greatest gift I received in my 20's apart from a child was the gift of understanding the Bible. The gift of knowing who I am and why I am.
I feel I am too young to write on #IfIWere22 but, then a lot happened in my 20’s. I left the comforts of my parents’ house and moved to another city. Experienced cupid broken and rebuilt. Broke multiple limbs. Got married, had a child. Found God and understood what love really is.
#IfIWere22, I would like to keep my 20's exactly the same with all its failures and all its success. With every road block and every path that was paved for me. My success has taught me to believe in the power of me. My failures have taught me humility. I learnt that pride and humility need to be dusted out in the same way. Looking back at what life has given me, I can only confirm the age-old belief, that everything happens for a reason. Whether it happens for good or, for bad is left entirely up to you. Life will throw challenges your way. But how you deal with the situation is your choice. The choices you make will build your character -- for good or for bad.
I'd advice my 20-year-old is to make the right choices.
Make the right choice in the way you treat people. Family and friends are precious. They will always act as your anchor. Love them unconditionally; Forgive undoubtedly; Laugh uncontrollably. Make the right choice on how you want to feel. Don't pity yourself. Ever. No matter what you lose or, how much you lose. The way you see yourself, is the way, the world will see you. Your choices will help you build character. Build a character you would want to leave behind. A character people would want to follow. And always remember that the gift of free will was given for a reason. You decide whether you want to keep it as a gift or turn it into a curse. Last but not the least, understand the fact that, God is still on the throne. As long as He reigns, the sun will always shine.
Happy 30's!
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