Friday, December 16, 2016

Teachers, Preachers and Followers

My son adores my friend, Mr. Smarty Pants. This adoration sprung up when I told him "Friday is coming"! His first reaction was, call Uncle. Smarty Pants so I can tell him to come home. I took a deep breath, hid my emotions behind my smile and said, I don't think he will come. "Why"? "He is busy maybe that is why." "But he did not come for so long and he told he will". Some emotions are best hidden from children especially when they are the negatives one's involving two of the child's super heroes. It was wrong of me to tell him that Mr. Smarty Pants does not want to talk to your mumma. Maybe he will never want to either. But what came out of it made me realize, how easy it is to mold a child.

He sighed and held my palm and said, "it does not matter who wants to talk to you. It does not even matter who loves you. What matter is how much you love someone". "You be your best. Be so good that the other person has no other choice but to be good. And if the other person still does not want to be good, let him be bad. You don't be bad." "The Bible says love everyone". For an instance, I saw myself in his eyes. My teaching, my preaching. I had a follower. As Paresh looked smilingly at the mother and his five year-old-boy--the teacher, the preacher' the boy has two new followers.

Have you broken your best friends heart? Has your friend broken your heart? Is there a void in your heart? What do you want to fill it with?

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