Monday, March 09, 2015

Why should gaayz have all the fun.

"Why should gais have all the fun" has been doing quiet some rounds since the ban on eating beef in Maharashtra was announced. It is crazy that a democratic like ours comes up with such laws especially, in the name of religion. Religion! Really? I get it that Hinduism considers the cow to be holy but thinking about it, a lot other animals in Hinduism are considered holy. Hinduism is a religion that worships nature. Most of the Hindu deities, if not all, are accompanied with an animal. Maa durga has a tiger; Ganesh a rat; Shiv a bull in the back ground and a snake around his neck and the list goes on. Why, these Hindu God are themselves shown half man-half animal. Half elephant half human; half monkey- half man; half vulture-half man and again, the list goes on. There are just so many deities that no one has a tab of them all and it is no wonder that Hinduism worships nature. But somehow cows get a lot more lime light and protection than the rest. Snakes are killed and monkeys' caged; ducks and chicken roasted and parrots sold; Underfed bulls are over worked and tigers and elephants poached for their skin and tusk. And let’s get this right. Even with all that noise about holy cow, cows in India aren't the best the world has seen. So back to the question. Why should gais have all the fun?
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