Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Open Happiness

It may come in the form of pleasant news or finding something that has long been awaited for. For some it may be in the smell of the Earth before the rains and for some, it may be in the sight of the mighty down pour. Some find it in the sound of laughter or, in the feel of a tender touch. Why? It can be by satisfying your hunger or, even feeding your greed. It can be in the slightest gesture or, something huge. Happiness comes in different forms. The positive minded find happiness in everything and other may need to hunt deeper than that. For some it is in the first cup of the morning tea and for some it is in steam of an afternoon coffee. Holding a chill bottle of coco-cola, http://CokeURL.com/96jnc itself is happiness in itself. Isn't it?

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Happiness is being greeted with sloppy licks and the wagging tail of a dog. It is in seeing the worried look on your dog’s face when given a bath. It is happiness to see your dog dry himself in the sun. Happiness is in the voice and anger of a nagging wife who leaves a note in your tiffin telling you how sorry she is. It is in her unspoken words of care after the fight. Happiness is holding a sleeping child in your arms. It is in waiting for the child to wake up. It is in the wait and watching your child grow every day. It is in every achievement your child gets home. It is happiness when the spring colors the Earth and every tree displays its flowery glory. It is behind the smile on seeing the tree sway to the tunes of the wind. It is in the music of the wind chime and the coo-coo of the mynah. 

Many a thing may define happiness but what really gets me my smile of happiness is a bowl full of
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fresh salad. Crisp yet, tender vegetables in an array of colors playing a game of monopoly. What I enjoy the most is the amazing power play between the calm, flavorful iceberg and the texture of a mushroom; knowing that they cannot win the battle of colors with the chilies and grains. Then there is the crunch added by the walnut and almonds and the sweetness of raisins and honey clubbed with the tanginess of lemon that bursts out a whole new nation of taste. Some may prefer a generous shower but I like the gentle drizzle of olive oil over it. And oh! What joy it is when the oil is fused with burnt garlic? And then the throw of olives-green or black like they have no better work to do. But when spooned with the veggies, they define magic in your mouth. This is what happiness means to me. What about you?

Thank you coco-cola for making me write what happiness means to me. Here is how coke defines happiness. 

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