Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A new life

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It has been almost a year since I started a new life for myself.  Given the opportunity by https://housing.com/as I write about my new life, I can only think of my past as words written on the wet sand that have long been washed by the ocean. With every step I take into this new life of mine, I see my past being tossed by the waves that drag this past of mine nearer to the horizon. Will the past be lost forever? Will the embrace of the sun burn it to ashes that I will have no hopes of ever finding myself in the past? Will the wrath of the ocean drown it deep enough making it impossible for my past to resurface back to the beach? I hope so.

My life was never difficult. I have always received whatever I have sought and never did I lack anything. The provider of my past life provided me everything. He provided me food, shelter and clothing. He showered me with as much riches as he could. He rained praises on me and forgave my mistakes. He loved me and protected me from every danger. He shed tears at my pain and boasted about me with pride. I was his prized possession. For long, I believed I, deserved it all.

But then one day, I met someone who said he loved me more. That he will take care of not only me but who I thought my provider was. He will love me and be proud of me. He will forgive me of all my sins. I laughed and asked, “Why would I need you when I already have them all?” "You sure have them all but, do you really deserve them all?” He asked.

He took me to place where a list of my sin was listed and it was a pretty huge list. There was no mention of how grave the sin was. They were all equal. My eyes welled as I read each sin wondering who this person was. But he simply looked at me and smiled. "None of this matters though you know" he said. I did not understand. The person then handed me a child; his only son and I saw the child grow. This son of his lived an innocent life; a guilt free life; a humble life; caring for others’ being ridiculed and mocked for his love. Not a single sin entered his account on heaven. Then when the time was right, the son looked at me and asked, “Why do you cry?”

“Look at all the sins I have in my account. I am filled with guilt to receive what I have.” He wiped my tears and said, “I will take away all your sins and make you whiter than snow.” “How is that possible?” I asked. “May all your sins be upon me” and as he spoke, I saw my sins transfer into his account. When the last of my sin was in his account; he breathed his last breath and died for me on the cross. I yelled, “Wait, Why me?”  He said, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life” and waved me good bye.

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It was then that I received a new life. Taking the first step into this life was the most difficult one. The first step was stopped a thousand times by self-doubt. Can such a thing really be possible? Will I work hard enough to be worthy of this re-birth? But as I crossed the first hurdle of self-doubt with a weird cocktail of certainty and hesitation, I realized the path was filled with many more hurdles. There was mockery. There was resentment. At every turn there was someone or the other to ridicule. But the provider of this new life had promised help to whoever seeks. I sought, I received.

Today I have an eternal life, because Jesus died for me on the cross. He bore the shame, the humiliation and drank the cup of sufferings so that I may start a new life in Christ. This is the start of my new life. Below is a video of someone else’s start of a new life. What’s yours? 

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