Friday, January 02, 2015

New year and a new found love

Bidding adieu to 2014 as we returned back from the new year party, I kissed Paresh as he lay the tiny body wrapped in his arms, tender and innocent on the bed. With contentment we looked at this boy who made our nights sleepless, time tables messed up and lives happier; sleep peacefully cuddled up like a ball. As we changed out of our fancy attires into something more comfortable to sleep in (just read naked), I told Paresh to apply leave. "I can't (seriously? "I can't" to someone naked besides you?) I have responsibilities Baby" he replied. I told him I would like all three of us to spend time together on the first day of the year. His face had one of those looks that he carries when he does not know how to say no to me. And every time he has that look, I try and take advantage of it with my treacherously sentimental dialogues that make me realize how devious I am. 

"I need to be a role model to my team" he said. I used my lips and eyebrows to paint an unsporting look on my face. 
"I can't start the year absenting myself from work" came next. I had a unethical approach to tackle that too. 

His lists went on and so did mine until he told me, "Half day. Is that fine?" Well of course. 

As promised he came home early. We went out for lunch where he told me, "Maybe I will need to go back to office in the evening to swipe out." Oh! this dear husband of mine. Caught amidst a control freak wife and office, both of which he is so passionate about. 

As the clock stuck 6, he began changing to go to office and I, began preparing Arrow to go to, "Papa's office". The devil in me. I just did not want him to go to office and get tempted to start working again you see. Yes! I do use my child as my accomplice. It would start with one email and then a little bit of chatting with the clients and by the time you realize it, you are there implementing a new process. He wouldn't have done that anyway. He knows how to steer far from temptations but still, he just loves his work. Loves anything he touches. As the phone rung, I was preparing myself not to freak out if he said, he would be a "bit" late. To my surprise however, he called me, happy asking me to recite the shopping list he needed to pick up. I was pleasantly shocked that he did not spend an extra minute in the office and hence, curiously enquired. 
To my surprise, he went to the office and just as he was about to swipe his hours out, he stopped and turned back without getting his ID card out of his pocket. I wondered why and he explained. "Is this who I want to be?" "A Cheater?" "Is this the kind of role model I want to be, for my team, my son and to you?" "I would rather apply leave for the entire day but cheat." 

I smiled into the phone and realized, these are the reasons I look up to my husband. Simple gestures that show how perfect he is in his imperfections and it was there, when I fell in love with this guy all over again.

Here's wishing you a cheat free 2015. Let's pledge to be our best. Happy new year. 

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