Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the rain

Splitter splatter they did all night;
And roared and thundered with all their might
An impervious morning of their work I awoke
To a beautiful pattern of what the rain had formed.

A fog of warm breath created I on my window
On the railing of whose, sat a doused black crow.
A new day, just like every other yesterday but for
A solitary calm and a few souls hidden under their umbrella.

Condensed outside and dark inside, I held a candle close to my breast.
Cold and shuddering, they made flashes of brilliant light
And sounds of deafening laughter for a joke someone had cracked last night
The shadows spread once again in preparation to their assault
And with the blink of an eye the exodus poured downwards.

The raincoats were hence dug out of their coffins,
Gum boots came out of their hiding.
It caused traffic jams everywhere, and made people run for shield.
In the embrace of a friend’s chatter, it made me happy to idly gaze.

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