Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The nightmare -Chapter 5

Team: Wings of Change
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Chapter 2 - Roohi Revelation
Chapter 3 - Sleepless Nights
Chapter 4 - Paradoxical Jennifer 

She was beautiful. Tall, slender and kind, like a fairy that popped out of a fairy tale in her very dreams every night. Roohi dreamt of this fairy quiet often but, off lately her fairy appeared more than usual. She loved to be in these dreams. The fairy would tell her stories and they would capture pictures of everything together. Sometimes the pictures were of oceans and sea shells and at times, they would capture moments in the jungle. They laughed a lot and embraced each other’s presence. 

Today would be no different thought Roohi, as she gazed at the rain drops on her window and drifted away.

The angle stretched her hands. Long pale hands, the most beautiful ones and called out to her, "Roohi". She had gifts in her hand and her see threw gown promised chocolates in her pocket. Roohi wanted to run to her yet, something stopped her tonite. Was it because she was busy playing with her parents in the dreams or, had the Earth chained her down? “Look mumma, look papa! That’s the fairy I told you about”. And as soon as she said this, papa and mumma began to dissolve in thin air. Roohi reached out to them and looked at the fairy for help. But the fairy just stood there, smiling, still extending her arms. Roohi turned back to her parents who were soon disappearing and the fairy was growing bigger and bigger. No more was the fairy beautiful. No more was she kind. The gifts, the chocolates and all the pictures they took burnt up in flames and Roohi, with sweat streaming down her forehead cried, “papa please don’t leave me, please don’t go.” The night had grown warm and a head of fire appeared when Roohi was shook awake to find herself in her father’s arms.

“Papa is never going to leave you Roohi. Papa will always be there. It was just a dream.”

“The fairy was taking me away from you Papa”. Why did you not fight for me? Promise me you will never let the fairy take me away. I want to be with you forever. I don’t want the gifts or, the chocolates or, the pictures the fairy gives me. I just want to be with you. Mumma tell papa never to leave me. “Papa will never leave beta. Papa will never leave.” They rocked her to bed just the way they did when she was a baby.

They had never had the joy to hear people say, “her eyes looks just like yours” or, “she so resembles Shekar”. But none of that had mattered to Sheakar or, Tara. They were happy to lose sleep over this tiny ball of joy. They had learnt together to change the diapers. They were as worried and as excited when Roohi had to get her first vaccination like any other parents were. They loved her like she was their own flesh and blood.

Tara’s eyes filled as she saw Roohi, a big girl now, in the arms of her father, being rocked to sleep. It was like nothing except Roohi’s height that had changed. She was still as innocent, still the reason for their laughter and tears, still their inspiration and the world revolved around this beautiful creature that they had made their own. “We need help Shekar. These nightmares are becoming more regular now. It’s not healthy.” There was a long silence. Shekar just stared a long time at this innocent creature that now looked so peaceful in his arms. Shekar’s eyes made a thousand promises to his daughter that very moment. “Should I book an appointment? There is a kid’s counselor I know.” “We don’t need a counselor Tara" Shekhar barked. "We need the truth. She needs to know the truth. And she needs to know it, before she faces her truth.”

We don’t need a lady who abandoned her like a piece of shame to tell her the truth. She needs to know everything and she needs to know it from us. She needs to know that no matter what, we are her parents now and we will never leave her or, give her away. We will never do that. I will never do that Tara.

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