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Chapter 11 - I choose Happiness

 Team – Wings of Change
Context – Blogadda is conducting a contest (Game of Blogs) where it chooses 10 random bloggers per team to write fiction based on 5 character description it provided. Each blogger has to continue the story from where the previous team member left off.

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Picture Perfect, September 21, 2014 16:19
Is this accident for real? Or, an anonymous story like the anonymous writer? Anyway. Get well soon.

Lawless Writing, Septemeber 21, 2014 21:00
Show a bit extra mercy today PP for the cripple has still managed to write. I could not take a selfie in the condition so gave away my glory to Google images. Thanks for stopping by.

Picture Perfect, September 21, 2014 23:19
Ouch! Looks like a bad accident then and glad, you did not post your picture. BTW, your blog makes even the accident so humorous.

"Jenny? Honey are you still writing? Come on now. You have an early start tomorrow."

"Coming Kumar"

"Oh finally."

"Oh! Don't exaggerate. I wasn't on the computer that long."

"It's not that Jen". "Finally! I see a smile on that face. You look better this way you know."

"I love you Kumar. Mumbai was difficult for me. I don't know if that was the right thing for me to do."

"You always wanted to. Isn't it? I can understand how difficult this would have been for you. And I wish I could do something to make it easier."

"You mean, do more than what you are already doing for me?" "What did I do, to get a husband like you?"

"I was sent from the heaven. Heaven to Earth where the most adorable angle awaited me."

"Why of course?"
"You know that blogger friend of mine?"

"Who? Lawless writing?"

"Yes. He met with an accident. I believe he has a rod in his leg."


"Yes! The way he has so humorously written it, I wonder if it is real though." "It is amazing to see people remain happy in pain. Isn't it?"

"It sure is."

"You are so sleepy. Your eyes are all red. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Good night Mr. Kumar sent from Heaven who shall drop me to office tomorrow."

Next day...
"Should I pick you up from work or, will your car be ready by evening?"

"It should be. I will let you know by 5"

"Okay. Bye honey. And no sulking. You are going to take good care of that wife of mine and remind her...Happiness is a choice" They said in unison.

Happiness is a choice and Jennifer lived by this motto. The motto never let her down. No wonder no one ever knew what Jennifer had gone through. No one knew the pain that had become a part of her. Some people drove away pain by working too hard, some turned to alcohol and meaning less sex but, Jennifer turned to telling herself, Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy today and forever, no matter what may come.

As she checked her hair and makeup the door of the lift opens at the fifth floor and Jennifer is greeted by Megz. Her ex room mate and now her colleague.

"Jennifer. You know I will be on maternity leave the next three months. And I can not trust anyone else with my client but you. I do not want to pressurize you, but do you think you can take up the photography part for the Tolly Gossips Magazine for me."

"Why sure Megz. Piece of cake. You go on leave starting this Friday, right?"

"Yes. It is any time next week! Do come to visit."

"You don't have to tell me that. I sure will come to see the baby. And I am still betting on a girl."

"I hope so. Seen all the baby shops? The girls section is always better. Anyway. Let me inform the client that you will be taking over. You will be working with Mr. Dutta. He is a freelance writer. His wife is the chief editor of the magazine. Nice couple. You should not have too much trouble with them."

"If you say so. Send me all the files of the project and I will catch up."

"Thanks Jenny. You are such a savior."

Jenny raised her eyebrows and smiled in confirmation to Megz and continued smiling at the thought of the addition of a new member to the family. How joyful a new mother looks. The pampering given to her. Jennifer missed the pampering. She missed the advice that flows down from one mother to the another.

Buzz Buzz Buzz


"Madam, your car is ready. Do you want it dropped or, do you prefer picking it up?"

It was the service station that called. Jennifer felt grateful for the interruption. She did not want another day of self loathing and pity to be her companion whom she had to fight hard to avoid.

"I would appreciate some one dropping the car to my office. Latest by 5?"

"Okay. We will send some one with the car. Thank you. "

The entire day kept Jenny busy. She went through the files Megz sent and felt chocked knowing the clients were in Mumbai. But that should not matter. Should it? Now even the mention of the city was enough to get back memories of her encounter. What was so bad that Mumbai hurt her so much? She did not have the chance to hold Roohi or, talk to her or, even get a good look at her. Something churned in her stomach. Was it the thought of Roohi? No. It was Cyrus. She hated him even more. He took away that 30 seconds of what she got with Roohi. It was because of him that she could not talk to Roohi. The thought of Cyrus made her dizzy. Her head was in a spin, giving her a sudden urge to throw up.

"Jenny. Are you okay?" asked her colleague. 

"I am. I just feel...feel nauseated."

The colleague smiled, winked and gave her a pat.

"Have some water. You should be better. Have you got it tested?"

"Got what tested?" Asked Jennifer.

"Oh! Come on. Don' t tell me you don't know. It's all over your face. Have you seen the glow lately? I need to rush. But take care."

Was it possible? Thought Jennifer. Why not?

She shut her computer and was at the chemist in no time. Week in the knee she found her self at the   ladies room with the stick in her trembling hand and a heart full of suspense. Biting her lips, one single drop. A smile slapped across her face, leading to the tear that rolled down her cheek and she dialed Kumar.


"Pick me up from work?"

"Sure. Is the car not back yet?"

"It is. But I want to be with you"

"Everything okay Jen"?

"Yes. Why?"

"Well you just sound...sound so happy."

"Maybe I am" "I want to you come right now."

"Some one is in a hurry. Let me not make her wait. Give me umm 20 mins and I will be there."

"Bye. I love you. Drive safe"

"I love you too Jenny. Bye."
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