Friday, September 26, 2014

My boobs, My rule

What is all this fuss that Deepika is creating? And why is everyone supporting her? It's not that the aam janta is looking at her cleavage for the first time. They have seen it all. A tiny side way glimpse, a brief moment of lust as she bent down to tie her shoe string or, when her sari forgot that boobs come in pair. They have seen it all. What wrong did we, at Times Of India do that she is creating such a drama? 

Yeah! You are probably right. She is a publicity whore. Showing off what she has. Giving people cleavage shots, shots of her long shapely legs in tiny shorts, belly shots and what not. It's like she has so she flaunts it. When someone sets such expectations, what else do they expect in return? The anarkali dress that she wore, covering her completely was obviously crying out attention to her cleavage. What else was the photographer to do if not zoom her cleavage? She is not creating a scene just because the camera person zoomed in from the top angle so that the viewers of Times of India could get a better dig. Is she?

I am telling you, I have never seen a newspaper as insensitive which still manages to get such high readership. I worked in Times of India and left applauding their cunning, care for no one attitude. 

What if you wore a similar dress? A dress that covered you till your ankles but showed a bit of cleavage and a stranger climbed up a ladder with a camera to zoom in. Would you not just look up, smile, let them have a take on it and publish it all over the internet? No? Why? Your cleavage called for it. I mean you were flaunting it anyway, how does it matter if someone got a glimpse of an extra inch that you did not intend to show? 

Two piece of advice, Times of India. Apologize or, just shut up. If apologizing is so difficult a task, then at least, shut up. Shut up so that you don't dig yourself deeper into the hole you have dug. You are making yourself look stupid by giving un-respectful arguments. "We show Shah-rukh khans abs too and we have put pictures of better boob shots." Are you even reading what you are writing? 

It is one thing for a woman to show her cleavage if she chooses to. It is an entirely different thing to zoom it and create headlines out of it. Online media is chaotic and cluttered and a company like Times of India needs to be careful about the content they put up. But looks like TIO wants to shamelessly admit that they choose to objectify a woman and make it sensational. 

What is next? Sticking up a camera under a Bollywood actress's skirt? Get a better look of what's inside. Then wonder what the fuss is all about? Why of course, the actress asked for it. If she did not want the camera under her skirt, she would be rather be wearing pants. 

By the way, have you seen the video? The camera man was clearly satisfying his fantasies. 


  1. True Brinda...TOI has stooped low to utter disgusting levels.

    They may want to say we live in a democracy and there is freedom of press, but at the same time they got to understand with freedom comes a great responsibility and deep sense of respect.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Karan. TOI has indeed once again stooped down. The worst thing is they aren't even realising it.


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