Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kitty, kitty, white kitty in the zoo

What do you do, if there is a cockroach in your house? I grab my chappal and kill it ASAP.  Yeah! I see your nodding heads. Okay, what do you do when a dirty, like “real dirty” dog manages to get comfy within the limits of your compound? I generally give it a bath and adopt it, but not many would agree on doing that. Which is okay. Your house, your choice. Now what if a monkey enters your house? Shoo it away? Right! What about a snake? Ah! Be terrified, make a huge ruckus, call the neighbors, call the professionals and make sure it is out of your house. Many like to get it killed too. So, as I understand, you would not want an intruder in your house. You would get rid of the intruder even if it is a rented house or, a paying guest accommodation. As long as it is your dwelling, you are not okay to have an intruder in your house.

Why then should the tiger,captivated in the Delhi zoo be any different? The zoo was his dwelling place and it is up to him weather to greet or, shoo the intruder terrorizing his space. “Oh! Poor Maqsood. The tiger grabbed him by the neck and paraded him around.” What else did one expect? No. I am not a sadist. I mourn for the loss of the human life but, don’t seem to understand the media blaming the zoo authority! The authority should have done this, it should have done that…I would say, the man’s courage and stupidity should have been applauded. I would rather frame his picture and distribute it to schools so that they can use it to the threaten kids, “If you don’t study, you will land up being an idiot like this fellow”.

 Let’s say, a man gulps a bottle full of phenol and dies, does one blame the phenol company for making the very product or, does it blame the company for not rushing the person to the hospital? Or, do we blame the ambulance driver for having arrived only after 15 minutes! Some people are born idiots. Some are born adventurous. And some are a combination of both like in this case.

Looks like, the media is either running out of wasting time finding something useful to cover or, it enjoys playing the blame game. Maqsood, I mourn for you brother, even though you were one stupid person. Looks like begging the tiger with folded hands was not enough to gain his mercy. Tiger! You little curious rascal. You just wanted to know what that little thing in the corner was. Didn't you? But look, what your curiosity and playfulness did? And now you must be wondering what all the fuss is about?  Why you are being kept under a strict watch? And under all these, there is no one with whom you can share your trauma. I wish we had a better system where man could look after the wild better. 

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