Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Embracing In The Town Called Patience

Have you ever been in that place where you wished "tomorrow" never came? Your today seemed so long that you dreaded a new day dawn? All the hopes and dreams you had for life just feel so elusive that you wonder whether the promised land of milk and honey ever exists.

For some it may be in the prime of their marriage, for some dealing with their teenager. For some it is in finding themselves stuck in the same old mundane jobs where you work as hard as your colleague but somehow, your work goes un-noticed. Suddenly, all the happy quotes and words of encouragements seem shallow. Music does not cheer, beer doesn't drown the pain, friends begin to bore you and, books seize to intrigue any more. Scriptures feel like a false promise and all you want is to shut that voice of faith and debate its credibility.

Where did all the blessings go? Why is there no healing in sight? There is no doubt that you heard the calling - loud and clear; the promise of being taken care of always. But, its been a long time now and yet, here you are. Waiting for a miracle, hoping for a sign, asking for a whisper. And there is nothing.

I remember my dad teach me how to drive a vehicle at a very young age. Being from Air Force and forever posted at a hard living area, there wasn't anything that couldn't be bought with a bottle of Old Monk; not even a drivers license. At the age of 13-15, all my friends had a license and they did not even know how to drive. I for a reason believed only by my dad did not possess one. He said I wasn't ready. Of course, I was. Not only did I know how to drive, I knew how to change the tire, do a reverse parking and cleaned it to a shiny white every morning. But I was still not ready according to him. It so happened one day after a massive throw of tantrum that, I took the car keys and slammed the door. I was driving with the wind kissing my hair and the astonished faces of the apartment onlookers to see a child drive. I noticed my dad look at me from the balcony. I jut out my head to look him up, smiling, waving saying, "Papa, look. I'm driving all by myself" and suddenly, I rub on the body of a parked car. It looked like new car. A whole line of red paint of that new red car stuck to the white of my car. The incident left me terrified and that is when I knew, I wasn't ready yet.

I knew I had to wait to for the right time to get my license. I knew I had to wait till I was ready.  I knew that my Father knew if I was ready or, not. That day I knew, that I could blindly trust my father for he will always want the best for me.

My father never shouted or, as a matter of fact even roll his eyes in frustration. He was there beside me checking if I was okay. Thinking about the episode today, and as a parent myself, I know parents want to give their child everything before they even ask for it. And parents also know the right time to give it to their kids.

However, grown up we may be, we are still kids of a supreme being who wants to give us everything before we even desire for it. But he who wishes to give, also knows the right time to give. Are we patient enough though? Do we have the faith to blindly trust his decision? So, have patience and wait another day and wait not for a mere whisper but a mighty shower of blessings for today may not be the right time.

Psalm 75:2
You say, "I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly. More biblical patience verse

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