Monday, May 12, 2014

Stranger, friend nor, foe

We were thick as thieves by this time last year
And here we are today, neither stranger, nor a friend or foe.
Confrontations haunting and pleasant meetings
All to be left back figuring the meanings.

Caring hearts and playful minds
Tender love and innocent gestures of coffee and rum
Yes! It was true. Every feeling
but its worth, less than a shilling?

The heart tells me "drink the memories of yesterday"
"Keep yourself gay, one more day"
And the head laughs with shades of grey
Wondering, why keep heartbreaks for another day?

Did my heart break? Or was it just ecstasy?
Freedom from betrayal and all those unspoken lies.
Of loosing something I wonder if I had.

Friends part all the time. Sometimes a new city calls them, sometimes their goal. A new family, a new responsibility at times. Where should I place you and me in this departure I wonder? To see everyday and yet be blind. Every breath understood and yet unknown. Fragrance memorized yet strange. So much to tell yet, nothing to talk. Swallowed by a distance, miles apart even in the same room. 

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