Monday, April 14, 2014

The art of loosing

What is it with loosing things? There are so many things that seem to be filled with the intent, that their loss feels like no disaster. A pen, a note, missing pair of a sock. Why? I loose something everyday! I have lost keys and felt the flusters only to replace them with their duplicates. My specs are missing everyday just to be found lying besides the bed stand or, at times, even resting on my very nose. The art of loosing is nothing new. We all do it. Every time, everyday. At times we find what we lost and at times, we never even realize we lost something. I lost my grandfather's watch, my gold chain, a diamond off my ring. But after a period,
their loss did not mean a thing. I lost a friend, a relation, a companion only to replace it with another.

Do I miss this friend? Of course, just the way I miss my gramp's watch or, the diamond off the ring. The art of loosing is a funny thing. 


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