Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America, The winter soldier

A date night with Paresh and we hit the screen to watch Captain America - The Winter Soldier. And oh! what a lovely evening it was. Filled with non-stop action, the plot keeps you guessing way into the movie. Out from the military, Roger finds himself fitting into a secret mission. The mission gets into the wrong hand, a bias is created about right and wrong. At first the action felt too quick to grasp, but then soon it becomes enjoyable to view the speed at which the action hero pack kicks and punches. Captain America's shield is yet another attraction. The way it works according to his needs, protecting and always being handy. The movie throws in Captain America's past in glimpses as he juggles with understanding what he expects of his future. The actors did total justice acting. If you need motivation to hit the gym, you should look at the physique of each actor here. 

On the whole, a nice watch for all those who like action. 

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