Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Motherly Tide

In the darkest hours of dawn, 
When the city was still far from awake, 
laid on the roadside, a sea star pointing in every direction
Filigree on it oh! so beautiful; It shouted for an open trade. 
But who knew the dream she had arcade? 

Was it of an alien land? 
A desert maybe or, was it a snow field?
A world where the violence of the aqua was nill
and the only sound made was of the churning windmill.

How blinded was the sea star of the affection of the oceans lap,
to dream of a false luring world  
where in reality every inch laid a new trap. 
I carried her to the beach and told the star fish, 
"go back to the ocean, for she will care"
"Don't misjudge her strictness for hatred, it's her way to 
make you stronger" 

Ignoring me she walked a distance, yet to my presence alert.

Was she adamant? Or, was it an argument that had left her hurt?
Maybe my words triggered something in her, for she
gave me a sideways glance.

And even before our eyes could meet, 
Down came the stomping of kids
in their swim shorts and beach toys. 
A tiny feet landed, throwing the sea star in the wind. 

A crow flying low, quick enough held it in its claw. 
Was it a conversation or the sheer weight of the burden?
I have no clue, but I saw the star drop;
into the ocean which carried it back to the shore. 

The star gazed at me this one last time
I saw it smile and wave to me I can swear. 
It held the hand of the wave and went back to the ocean, 
Deeper and deeper till I could see her no more. 

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