Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Why Blogging my way?

Once upon a time, a young girl;
I liked to scribble my thoughts at random,
write a story, a doodle or, scribble a poem.
But as I grew, life's harsh reality stuck.
I ran to mark my territory and stand out of the ruck.
I dug many activities and jumped into a lucrative career.
To a life of false happiness... I surrendered.

I then fought to pursue my goal; day and night,
I never rested, without a fight.
I tasted success and soared the highest heights,
But something, I knew, was waiting out of my sight.
Surrounded by friends and yet, my feeling I had no one to share.
Something missing, something empty within
something broken, something dead, I slowly realized...

What was expected of me? What was I meant to be?
I was far from the expressive person I once used to be.
My thoughts, my puzzles, my ideas
taken away by the HTMLs and excel data's!

I missed it all now, and craved it back,
I no more wanted to be like the book rotting in the rack.
I Grabbed my reins; Vanity, my passion alas; I snatched back.
I was ready to move away, and put this life of IT in a backpack.

It was by chance that I entered this world of blogging.
Though no paper, pens or, pencils,
Even tapping the computer allowed me to be expressive.

I had read stories of the joys of blogging and how they ranked far ahead.
I now began experiencing it myself!
I started with a new zeal, what I thought I had lost for eternity.
I blogged to laugh, and cry and to pour all my feelings tirelessly.
Book reviews, product views, movie gossips, I did them all.
Every detail of my life I captured, every memory I crawled.
What a wonderful hobby I had caught?

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