Monday, January 13, 2014

You, Me and the ashes of We

I once set a little bird free
She fluttered her mighty wing promising,
to spy this world and send me stories without a fee.
Days passed and passed by me those months
of not hearing anything until the day I heard a tweet
A form sitting on my window sill, a beak full of hay. 
The nest was made and she awaited telling me the stories.

I blushed and rushed out of the home to tell you all I heard. 
Word on the street is 'you' and 'me' have now become "we". 
They have all seen us under that old oak tree it seems. 
We have been there a lot haven't we?
I smiled, I grinned, I know, I beamed ear to ear. 
Thinking about all those coffees and mojitos we shared.
Of laughter and arguments, of gifts and pampering and yet, 
I say this without a pinch of regret, "they don't seem to get it"
That "we" is actually just you and me. 

Gossips you see, can be inaccurate
Potent poison, a degenerative disease, 
One that will cause, among all things
A sever case of heart ache until, 
All that will be left of you and me is ashes
Of that which was once we.  

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