Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good to see you again

Hi! there, dear old friend,
Great to see you again,
Of course, it is not really you, just me.
Obstinately holding on once again.
It is just after all that we have been through,
There are so many more words left unsaid.
And they will now remain, like a forgotten lexicon un-exchanged.

A feeling I have long tried to suppress,
I know not of how else to express.
Out of fear or, loneliness I wonder,
Ever since you left, things have been strange.
I call out your name, thinking you are there,
But its all just in vain causing ever so much more pain.
We, you and I, I often thought were like rain,
Soft and warm, a drizzle here and shower there,
With thunders of laughter and lightnings of joy.
I remember how we poured all we had.

I still see your face in the cloud now and then,
And wish we could meet once again,
For I am leaving tomorrow,
Will forever be gone, at the break of dawn.
As for you, I shall wish all the happiness
And wait for at St. Peter's gate.

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