Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beginning of a new ending

Everything eventually ends. A universal truth which we all need to face whether we want it or, not. I have disliked the ending of this day, as much as I have looked forward to today. The last day of a vacation, final chapter of the best seller or, simply parting ways with your best friend. Inevitable are the endings of every beginning. A tree sheds its leaves, we close the book, bid adieu to the loved one. Today is one such day, like every other day when something has ended. Today I say good bye to something that was familiar and very comforting. I am trying to move on. But just because I am leaving, parting ways and slithering in pain, doesn't change the fact that you won't matter in the same way. Some people become so much a part of us that, even after you have sung the swan song, they remain. In a corner of the heart you call 'treasure'. A solid ground, my north star, like the small voice in my heart, I will always keep you and me as us. 

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