Friday, December 06, 2013

Shadow besides me

It is amazing how tiny things bring amazement and curiosity in our childhood times. Equally amazing is how the tiny things that left us curious during our childhood, looses its affect as we grow up. I was just thinking about how amazed I, as a child used to be with finding my shadow follow me. Lean and long at times, shot and stout at other times. At times it remained to my left and at times, it preferred the right. It led me at times and at times, it preferred following me. It was fun discovering how my palms could create a dog's face or, how I could get a flying bird on the wall. The fun always doubled when my brother and mother would join me and we would create stories with the shadow. My favorite story was how a hunter once came with his dog to hunt a duck for dinner. My brother would create a hunter while, my mother would be the dog and I, the duck being hunted. After a lot of run and chase, shooting and dog barking, the duck out of the usual will spread it wings and fly away like a dove. Writing this, I wonder if Sam played a similar game, how well he would have described it?

The magical world of shadow began loosing its place as science and light began making sense. A path from childhood to adulthood. As the knowledge base increased, tiny curious things began loosing its place. Like my amazing world of shadow until, a couple of days ago. "I will be your shadow...forever". Apart from bringing back a smile to my face, it got me thinking about shadows. 

The phrase has left me wondering what depth do the words carry? Your shadow is with you only when there is light. It leave you all by yourself in the darkness. If you are going to be my shadow, does it mean, you will be with me only when I am happy and leave me in my darkest, scariest moment when I need you the most? I grew up to understand that this black creature, Shadow, walking besides me in nothing but me. A me who is either taller than the actual me or, shorter; leaner or, fatter. Though it is me, it never appears the way I really am. It walks along, but never walks in me. What depths do the words then mean when you say, I will be your shadow forever?

A part of me makes me want to say, "Thanks, but I'd rather not have you say you will be my shadow." Yet a part of me brings a smile knowing, that you will be there when everything is right. To be a part of my sunshine and let me fights my dark demons on my own. You make me a stronger person when you leave me alone in the dark. Though you are me, your physical form takes unknown shape showing me what it would be to be taller, leaner, shorter, fatter. You never walk in me, but always besides me, stuck to my feet letting me know I have a strong foundation and I shall never fall. 


  1. Wow! thinking about it.. you are so correct! Nice read. Keep it up.

  2. I never played shadow games. Guess the only thing I learned to make was the shape of a dog and howl to scare my sister everytime the power went and we had to light candels. However, I do remember playing other games while growing up. Not sure if many people would even know these games.

    I come from a small village/town and as villages happen to be the beautiful country side with its hills and rivers and lakes. You could smell the wild flowers that grow by the street side and where you can breath fresh air, and the smell of rivers and woods would make you fall in love with nature and every beautfuil thing that you see. The sun would glimer on your face with warmth that you could only get in a village. UNFORTANTELY - my village had none of these things. It was a waterless, vegtableless, meatless, treeless and a very stoney place. The very name of the town is " place of stones" So, Obviously the games we played involved a lot of stones.
    A game which I believe has existed from long but my friends and I were under the impression that we had invented this game. Its a simple game. Two teams, one pile of rock, one MRF ball. One team(knockers) knock over the pile with the ball and the other team(hitters) get the ball and hit the knockers before they can resote the pile back. It used to be fun until we got a bigger ground and started playing more commercial games like cricket. ;) I sometimes miss those days. Those innocent days where the biggest tension I would have, would be the 4th period geography class tomorrow because i hadn't done my homework since i was playing Lagori. Those innocent days where any passerby was an Uncle or Aunty, where you could fight with friends 10 times in a day and forget about it with in minutes. I miss those days. Sometimes I even miss that game :)


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