Friday, December 06, 2013

Discovering Sam

Time and again I have given a thought about the topic and somehow, it has never materialized. The idea rooted after the first eh...fight? we had. Silly thing? What happened between Sam and me, can not be termed a fight, nor an argument, neither can it be termed conversation alone. Blame my vocabulary but, I do not have a single word for what happened on 14 Nov, 2013. But something did and it made a lot of difference. 

The day made me discover a lot of things. Things about Sam and about my stance. Good things of course. However, it left me at a confused state wondering why does it all feel so weird when I should actually be happy discovering the things I did? The heart filled with joy and the eyes, with sadness of unknowingly hurting a soul so innocent and sweet. 

Again, the incident only proved, everything happens for good. It now leaves me a smile knowing what I mean to him. It makes every gesture of his special and, as I listen to the song, "count on me", I know, I am a very special friend of his.
I would sing to you Samuel and dedicate it to you, it's just that you would beat me at it. I could talk on something and pretend to be super knowledgeable, but you would already know the topic better than anyone else does. I could act dumb and dye my hair blonde, but then, the puppies would not take me higher than 1 star. So, tomorrow when I swim, I am going to dedicate 20 laps to you. Try beating that now. Damn, I made dedication a competition now. 

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