Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marriages are made in heaven.

"Jodiya toh uppar wala banata hai" A common Bollywood dialogue of my growing up years. A number of my male friends have asked me, "what kind of a guy would you like to marry?" I never had a concrete idea. But every guy I dated, I invariably made sure, he was not very religious and lived with the belief that sports, has a cure to everything. Looks, for me weren't very important as long as he could grab the attention of his listener when he spoke and spoke, with a sense of humor. Sarcastic sense of humor to be precise. Looking back at my list, I realize, like every girl, I subconsciously wanted a guy like my father. Or, should I say more like my brother.

All my requirements got a check mark when I met Dragon. It was like God took my list and designed him for me. But, as fate had it, I married not Dragon, but the best life could offer me. Paresh. A guy who closes his eye deep as he fold hands before the deity, too innocent to utter anything sarcastic, speaking is not what he was born to do and yet, here I am. Here he is. Married to one another. And every single day I thank fate for getting us together. For there is not a husband better than him. You may differ with my point. Tell me that your husband is better. Paresh tells me the same thing. "How do you say I am the best husband? There may be more." Maybe. Maybe not. Not having any competition here. That said, now let's go back to agreeing that Paresh is the best husband "I could ever get".

Seeing myself with Paresh, I always think of my science teacher from school. She repeatedly made us by heart, "Opposites attract, like repel." Seeing Paresh, I am also reminded of that Bollywood movie, whose name of course, I can not recall, but it had an old man, telling the father of the girl, "jodiya toh upar wala banata hai."

It's not just Paresh and me. Everywhere I look around, I see more and more of it. Want examples?
1. Rohit-My colleague. Has been hunting his bride for 3 years or, more. 3 years and all our conversations ended with he not finding his bride and one fine day, he meets this girl. Not very attractive (according to him. I haven't even seen her yet. I swear) First look and bam! He announces, "This is the one I want to marry". No more conversation. Nov 27, 2013 is his big day.
2. Parv- Colleague again. Divorced. Folks have been hunting for long. Parv meets all these girls that the parents select. Date them for some time, but it never ends up happily. Just recently he meet this girl. Surprisingly the "pandit" too was there during the meeting and he said, "if you decide to get married, it is either Oct 12 or, Jan somewhere." Now when I say Oct 12, Oct 12, is just 4 days away from when he meets this girl for the first time. And today, Oct 15, he tells me with a hug, "I am married!"

I have more examples, but let them be.

So, I remind him again, "See how I used to tell you, marriages are made in heaven?" "How true. Isn't it?" Parv replies back saying that time will tell. "Will let you know in 6 months time." I rubbish it.

Good or, bad. Marriages are indeed made in heaven. Be blessed if your marriage is good. And, if you are one of them, stuck in what you think is a bad marriage, then get deep into your wedlock and you would see, why is it this person you wake up next to. If you are not married yet, you may be too busy to see this while you say, "I do" but, I assure you, you would one day see, how your marriage is made in heaven. 


  1. I heard this today morning from another friend " Jodiya toh uppar wala banata hai " and here it is a blog by another. she is a punjabi from Chandigarh married to a kannadiga from Shimoga district. what ever said and done she is very sure he is the best for her and vice versa.

    How about this my parents in their 34 years of wedded life have also mentioned the same. though they have differences but cant stay without each other and with each other too. Now how they live they know it best after all "Jodiya toh uppar wala banata hai "

    1. Ah! Another believer must I say? Thanks for stopping by to comment. My husband is a Goan while, I, a semi Gujju, Mallu, Tamilian all mixed in one.
      This topic had been on my mind for quiet some time. Finally gotten it down here.


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