Friday, August 30, 2013

Who is life sucking? Or, is it “what” is it sucking?

A song has been playing on my lips on and on and on and it refuses to leave. It is bugging me to core. I want to stop singing or, for that matter even humming it, but adamant as it is, it clings on. Soon I realize, the song means so much more. It is a reminder of an evening well spent, flashing before my eyes a memory seen, leaving behind the faintest smile and yet, before this realization struck, it was irritation that lingered. Irritation for the song not letting go of me.
It is the tiny mundane things that irritate us. Humans that we are, we fail to appreciate the beauty as it comes. Every morning for instance is a task in itself. I wake up on auto mode even before the alarm rings. Why? Worry. Worry to get things done before the house is up. Waking up a friend of yours, sending a good morning message- for you know, that is the only way or, time you have to keep in touch with your chuddy buddy. One hand on the stove and an eye hurriedly runs the newspaper. An interesting piece of article in the daily waiting to be read, watching me where ever I go. Paulo Coelho, lying in the loo, pleasing the reader in me as I poop. And when the house is finally up, an Usain Bolt imitation is guaranteed to take place.
All the doldrums, I finally get to my car. Unlike the rest, I wait for the traffic light to go red to grab the opportunity to brush my hair. Life at work is a different story and then home again after the nerve wrecking traffic…let’s not write stories about it now.
And it’s not just me I am sure. Every working mother I assume goes through the same routine day after day. Luckily, I have a perfect husband to takes all this away from me.
Stressed up humans are walking all around Earth. Living itself is stressful. And the stressful us, never let’s go of an opportunity to spit out the words, “Life sucks”.
Really? Sucks What? As a child you want to grow up. As a grown up you want to go back to the days you were rolling in the mud. You marry your first love. As a couple you wonder where all the independence or, carefree attitude disappeared? The pride of the first salary is soon taken away by the burden of meeting deadlines. Ask yourself. Whoever stopped you from rolling in the mud? Your own shyness did. Who took away the carefree attitude you teen years provided you? Maturity and responsibilities did. Salary is any day better than what was first put into the account and yet, the demands for more makes deadlines a burden than giving that adrenaline rush.
Life is a baby and we give it a thumb to suck on for our peace. We will never take away the thumb, for we know, life would sulk then.  Isn't life better if it sucked rather than sulked?

Life will always get a thumb to suck on. It is for you to decide whether you prefer taking it with a dash of lime and salt or, with a generous pour of pepper powder. 


  1. Oh my dear Brinda,
    Have I not taught you anything so far? Have you not heard everything I’ve said?
    Did you always have so many questions? or are these just the voices in your head?
    Did you not once say “ I wish I had more responsibility”? or was it just a line from something you had read?
    Aren’t the mundane things that make life seem normal? Or would you perhaps have it your way and keep everything informal?
    Is it a sin to know the answers? Have you wondered if you’re asking the right questions?
    Whatever is the case. This time around, I don’t have any suggestions.

  2. You dog. The mundane things are what makes life. A darling told me life sucks and I argued before posting this. Life is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed and clearly... U at this ungodly hour of the day need some Zzzz


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