Friday, June 21, 2013

My people in a life time - pooling 105

A desperate need and humble offer is what kicked it off. Recollecting  back my memories, I see destiny from the window of my work space, smiling, waving at me, saying, "don't forget, I got you this person." Yes. Destiny again! Two strangers shifting into Brigade Metropolis, having logged into the email group at the same time. One pleading email, and a fun filled reply out of curiosity got this person in touch.
"Do you work in GMC by any chance?"
"Ha Ha..where else can one find such work timings anyway"
"I am Amit Kumar105/India/IBM. Find me"

Ya 105. 123, 82..such a common name to keep. Just yap yap...I asked about car pool. Except replying to that, he did all yap yap of "find me" and left.

Amit Kumar: Hi!
Amit Kumar: Are you Brinda from Brigade Metropolis?
Hi Amit! Nice to talk to you. Yes. And nice to know there is someone from BM in GMC.
Amit Kumar: Same here. Where do you sit?
Left of entrance, at the end. How about you?
Amit Kumar: Nice. Near the entrance. Easy escape route! I am in the center. Impossible to escape/bunk without getting noticed.
Ha Ha...
Blah blah blah...
Blah blah blah.

Let's meet up. Maybe a coffee someday?
Amit Kumar: Sure.

No news for quiet some days. Maybe month.

The destined day while getting out of a meeting?
Amit? Hi! So this is where you sit! Not bad. And yes. Hard escape route.
Amit Kumar: Hi! Sorry. You are?
Amit Kumar: Question mark slapped across his face as he goes....Ehhhh
From Brigade?
Amit Kumar: Oh! hi hi...Nice to meet you finally.
Same here. See you around.

Oh! wait. This was not the destined day. The day was in the parking lot.
You come by bike?
Amit Kumar: Not usually. Got it today.
So is this your usual time?
Amit Kumar: Ya. almost.
Nice. Do you want to car pool?
Amit Kumar: Sure.
Let's see for a week or, two maybe. If we like it.
Amit Kumar: Why not?

As the phone numbers get exchanged, all I can think of...Oh! a savior.

The first week was fun. Lots of yapping, continuous smiling, him singing, me thinking what a nice voice he's got; out come of which is, "yeah..I can sing. I sang for Indian IDEAL!" Weeks go with giggles and non sense in the car. I mange to get the keys to his house. The keys to his office drawer. "It's like being your wife Amit. With you trusting me with the keys to your house, to your office stuff, car. What next?" Bass shadi registered nahi hai.
Amit Kumar: My own wife is not registered yet! Fake wife. Bahut chaviya hai but, bedroom ki chavi nahi hai aapke paas.

A month flies smoothly until an entire week of adjustments comes into picture.
Amit Kumar: Hi Brinda. Can we leave a bit late today?
Sure. No problem. You work. I'll wait.

The 'bit' of the bit late amounted to 2-3 hours until one day rather than chatting he calls and says, "Just 30 more mins" to which I tell him, "Amit, what if you were in a marriage which was not working out as it should be? Where both of you are constantly adjusting? Would you continue to remain in that marriage given the societies pressure or, break free to a happier life?"  
Amit Kumar: Why do you ask such a thing?
Just say Amit. Would you? How important is the society in face of your own happiness?
Amit Kumar: Well..I would break free. I don't want to suffocate.
Amit. I like to get to work early, you adjust. You like to leave work late but feel obliged to do so early because of me. We are like a married couple, constantly adjusting with each other. You don't have to continue doing this. I am just the society here.
Amit Kumar: Nahi nahi...there is no adjustment. Just this month and then things will get to normal. I am not letting this marriage die. Ha ha.
Are you sure darling. Tell me you would do every thing in control to keep this alive.
Amit Kumar: Yes! I will. No matter how hard it is. Brinda, I will keep this alive. I will keep us together.
Amit Kumar: Bakwaas karva lo tum din bhar. And now because you wasted my time, it is going to be more that 30 mins. Please. I am sorry. Tomorrow will be better.
No worries Amit. Paresh does a fantastic job looking after Arrow.

Wonder when these nonsensical talks became all so special that it demanded a place in people in a life time? Wonder if it was just these stupid blah blahs or, the fact that he behaved so decently, no matter what rot he spoke? Or, was it sharing a similar childhood and school type that created a familiarity? His tiny structure, reminding me of how much like Mickey he feels? His flair to speak non stop? Be dressed so well? The shortness of his hair? The spark in his shoes? The funny way he walks? Funnier way in which his laptop walk along? Or, was it simply the smile that was forever plastered on his face? Lips like a perfectly drawn picture. An amateur painters work of art on a blank piece of paper, colored with the most imaginable color. At times I wondered if he carried that smile to bed as well or, did he keep it by his bed side only to wake up and plaster it again? One thing lead to it or, everything combined lead to him deserving a spot in people in a life time, I have no clue of. But, yes! I am glad he is here now.

Genuinity was felt when he could understand the day I was not myself. When he wanted to know about Dragon. When he shared with me secrets he carried all by himself  so long. Made me a part of his feeling with no baggages of  shame or, thoughts of being judged or, questioned.

Amit just continues to feel special by the day. The constant fights and jokes cracked on each others choice of music got replaced by our chatting. The ads on radio that got him impulsively changing channels, today, have lost its power to irritate. It no more matters which song or, ad or, for that matter what plays. Where once, constant yapping was essential, today, even silence feels memorable driving with Amit. Where once, there was a stragers aura in the car, it now feels like there is a blanket of comfort around us as we step foot in the car. And as we enter Brigade, opening the car door, there's just a smile plastered which though silent, say, "until tomorrow, till my phone goes, "Ting! What time?"

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