Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tell me a story, one last time

The instance we spoke, for me, I knew you were the one.
What went wrong? How did our story, so beautiful, get undone?
I often sit back and imagine, what we would have become?
A few word of anger and cupids work in our life was done.
No more could I fight. Nothing I said came out right.
All I could do was wait, clenching my fist uptight.
I wish you were there to understand all I had to say,
How I wished the night prolonged and never showed this day.
The chemistry always felt opposite of wrong
Together is where we had to belong.
But fate, like always, had a different plan.
A story, meant to last life long, ended in a short span.
Your last but one word, lifted me like a feather,
Emotions unwillingly showed on my face, bringing smile and tear together.
I open my mouth to speak,
but not even a peep would leave my beak,
I know I will always stop even before I began.
Never may I be able to utter to you  another word again
But call me one last time, hold me this time a bit stronger,
Kiss me a long good bye, tell me one last story that runs a bit longer.

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