Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's a Bow wow life!

Bow Bow Humans.

First, let me start by thanking you for giving me the wag to share my Bow wow life on this platform. 

I was born to a starving yet, humble mother on a rainy day. She hunted for food in the garbage bin and ran for shelter with every down pour. I was a little boy, whose world revolved around his mother. It happened on one such rainy day, that a girl my age, dressed in pretty pink, jumped out of her car and surprised me with a massive hug. At first, I thought she trying to squeeze the lungs out of my body but gradually, I felt enveloped in comfort. It was the warmest place I have ever known.

Just as I was enjoying this warmth, like you humans would say, "Chai and pakodas on a rainy day", a huge man in a black tux came over to the girl. They spoke in a language unheard by me. The pink girl made a huge fuss over something and finally, everything around calmed. I found myself enjoying a ride in the girls arms towards her car while my mother stood up and observed the scene with concern. I was happily wagging my tail but was confused as what my mother's eyes were telling me. "You take good care son! I hope you have a comfortable life." She said before she coiled herself back to her siesta.

My life indeed changed after that rainy day. I shared a room with this girl, had ample food to eat from a bowl with my name on it. Yes! I had a name of my own too, just like you do. Walked on paved pathways, played with fancy toys that made funny squeaky sounds and bathed in water with lots of froth and foam. I even mastered the human language and learnt the gentleman etiquette of shaking hands and bowing to a lady.

I loved this girl and she loved me in return. Every morning she would get ready and let me drive with her to school. I was driven back home then and had the entire day to myself. I would chase the post man with a load Rrr Ruff Ruff! I would help the gardener dig mug and water the plants and then have the maids complain about me after I roamed the house with muddy paws! A nice meal and a bowl full of milk later, I would relax under the shade my the mango tree and wait for my pink girl to return. Once she got back, I would jump on her, and lick her face, and wag my tail crazy and tell her all the woof woof things I did. She would tell me stories of her school and show my drawings. We would then move towards the eating room where she would feed me from under the table and then fill my bowl with milk and biscuits. We would then play ball or, have a game of tug-of-war. We also went for long walks where her friends would join us and all of us would skip ropes or, play hop-scotch.

It was a wonderful life that I led. A wonderful day until the day the post man left the gate to our house open. I saw this as an opportunity to grab the guy for throwing useless papers into our compound. I geared up all my anger and ran to him with my mighty speed. I chased him for quiet a distance before, he hopped on to his cycle and rode off. I looked around, and saw some stray dogs hunting food in the garbage bin. I felt proud that I never had to hunt food that way. Saw members of my species drink water from the muddle and felt happy again that I had a bowl of my own with my name written on it. I held my tail high and walked past them. A bad decision on my part. My proud tail made the other dogs very angry and got them bow bowing abuses on me. Though I was stronger and braver and more educated, I had to retreat as I was alone amidst an angry mob of dogs, not to miss out, the angry lot was a hungry lot as well. They chased me and I ran as fast as my feet would let me only to reach a colony of another gang of dogs. They chased me too and I ran and I ran farther away from home. Soon I realized I was lost!

I tried my best to sniff my way back. Tried to catch the faintest scent of familiarity. Tried to recall my girls school and the park we visited but, I was far from them all. Reality soon hit me on my face telling me I was a stray again! No room of my own, no school to go to, no gardener to help, no maids to bother, no more bathing in water full of foam and froth that smelled so good.

I wandered for a new home, hoping against hope that if not my girl, some rich family will see me, realize that I am not a stray dog and will adopt me. But to no avail. Some stray dogs were generous enough to include me in their 'group'. I bow wowed with them trying to understand their dialect. I then realized that I had an accent. My immediate concern after becoming a stray dog was food. I was told that I will have to wander for food all the while. Food, relationships (if you know what I mean), sleep and survival are the four facets of our life. I believe its not that different for you humans too. Anything wasted by you guys become our food. Relationships - well, lets just say we believe in PDA's. Sleep - anywhere in "OUR AREA". And survival - We sleep as if there is no tomorrow. Which means, we do everything we can to make us happy and sleep as if nothing else is remaining to do. There's one more reason - We are not sure if we'll actually wake up.

From the lap of my little pink girl to the mother Earth's lap, from the arms of my little pink girl, to natures arms, my life has come to a full circle. I no longer wait for my little girl to return from school. I am satisfied and self sufficient. I have like-minded dogs with me. We have, what we call, "our area" which we demarcate differently with Pride and no shame. Some humans display affection, some feed us biscuit or bun and some, shoo us away. But, I love this new life too. It has its own beauty, its own charm and more importantly, it has made me stronger than who I am and respect life the way it comes.
I wrote this article just to inform you readers of the lessons I learnt throughout the journey:
  1. Life is not always about comfort and Luxuries.
  2. Its not about the word "MY", Its about "OUR".
  3. Every day is a new day with new challenges and opportunities. Enjoy it.
  4. God will make a way and he will provide.
  5. Every dog will have his day! 

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