Wednesday, April 03, 2013

English- as it is.

Many call it funny, I find it lovely. You don't necessarily write it, the way you call it. Some find it crazy while, I find it nice. It can make a feet smell and a stationary nose run. How amazing is its ability? Guessed it yet? English is what I am talking about. These days with people continuously playing with their mobile, either to SMS, whatsapp, post or, tweet, where has this beautiful language been taken?

Mobile users are redefining the ways in which a word can probably be spelt. Many find this a bad thing. However, I beg to differ here. This just make English more beautiful. Which other language gives us the pleasure of being able to shorten characters this low?
Lo' butyful. Ow u doin?

Agreed that those who do not understand the intend would find it irritating but, take some time to marvel at English's ability to convey message in a 140 character twitter space!

I believe E is the most used alphabet followed by A. Notice hard and you would notice, that these are the 2 most skipped alphabets in the SMS lingo. What else is this if not fascinating?

In any given situation, I like to first consider the good before the bad. Hence, the fascination towards the SMS lingo. I am fine with it being limited to SMS which you do not really have to bother too much about.  But have you ever thought how this constant usage of the SMS lingo is spoiling your writing ability? I received an email today which said,

Thx for replying.

Looking forward to talking to U.

Seriously, I wouldn't look forward to talking to this person who does not have email etiquette. And I am not talking about email writing skills here. IT people like me, sure have had the opportunity to attend email writing classes so you know what I mean when I say skills. It is just the etiquette.

Initially people used to be charged for the number of characters they used in the SMS, but those days have passed. Twitter limits you so feel free to go crazy as long as it conveys the message. But kindly limit its usage in a business email. 

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