Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream on!

As a child, I used to be asked several times by several folks what I wanted to be. My ambitions kept changing from a teacher to an air-hostess, to customer relation, army, anchoring, event management and the list went on.

Have you ever noticed, how as kids we are encouraged to dream? Dream at home. Dream at school. Dream about what you want to be? An astronaut, a musician, a detective or, a painter or, any thing else that catches our fantasies. And as we are living our fancies, the same people who told us to dream, tell us to suck it up, face the reality, and aspire us to be engineers, doctors, and in more recent version of growing big, an investment banker. Our childhood dreams that just began evolving into something concrete, is asked to be locked up to into a quiet corner of our head and we swallow the key to it. We throw away the creative hat full of imagination and bow our heads to crack the board exams, then to score high in the entrance exams, barely make it through college. We then fight for the best package in the market and then settled down with our match made in heaven to produce a set of our species. 10 years down the lane, no one is bothered how much you scored in your boards! But 20 years later, you begin hunting for the key you swallowed.

I have seen people sulk and tell me, "You have to be really lucky to spend your life doing the one thing you love". I feel, it is rubbish and luck is a small factor. Definitely smaller than the things you will sacrifice on the road to your dream. Smaller than the perseverance you need to win your battles which I can guarantee there will be plenty. I truly believe that if you want some thing bad enough, you will tread a path to achieve it. Paths that only a handful have trod and you will find a way to survive it. If after all you don't make it work for you, you wouldn't spend half your life wondering, "What if I had tried."

So find that key you swallowed and live your dream. 


  1. Bravo!! Now, this i like very much.
    You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis

  2. Glad u liked it and thanks for stopping by hun


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