Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Control Freak

I like my bed spread on the mattress like a well toned skin, with no flab seen anywhere. The 2 or, multiples of 2 pillow must occupy the central part of the bed. The soap dish should never have to witness any soap marks on them. The toothpaste tube like an old English gentleman should always be seen with a cap. I keep my bathroom dry like desert. I can not imagine a kitchen that is not spotless and so on and on and on. My list continues. I don't make other people follow my list neither, do I impart it on them. Paresh may have a different opinion here. If I like something one way, I make sure I do it my way. Many times I have found it nearing OCD but, I know my craziness has not reached that far yet. Anyhow, this post is not about how I like things. It is about, how people need to accept that not every one can live the way you live.
The other day I met this person lounging like a buffalo in the swimming pool. There were kids in the pool playing ball. He yelled at them, saying, "why don't you go play in the kiddie pool?" Next there were these 3 boys, I am guessing in IX std, hunting for a penny in the pool. Who ever finds it first wins the game. The water buffalo had a problem with that and showed his concern saying, "is this a place to throw coins?" Next a guy gets into the pool. Does 2 laps before relaxing next to the buffalo's lounge. The conversation they had,
Buffalo: Why can't you get into the pool by the steps provided?
Swimmer: Because the steps are far. Plus it is fun to jump into the pool than take the steps.
Buffalo: Still. They spent money on the steps for a purpose.

The debate went on while I busied myself completing my laps.

Why does the jerk feel like he owns the pool? I am sure there are many more people like this around. Why is there a desire to control everything? Do they even realize how irritating they are?

According to Urban dictionary, control freak is a person who instinctively needs to manipulate others. Control is the motivation in any scenario. The link here talks more on them.

Looks like, even in the busy life that we live in these days, Live and let live hasn't been able to occupy its esteemed position. 

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