Friday, April 12, 2013

A lost letter to Dragon

I found an old scribble pad in my briefcase yesterday which had this on it. It was written 5 years ago thinking of Dragon. Before the scribble pad is lost in history, here's to preserving another memory.

At one end of the sky, a line of blue appeared, and like blue ink on a piece of paper, it slowly spread across the horizon. The sun gently began to show up and soon the blue was swallowed up by an ordinary sunlight. A single cloud floated, a pure white cloud. Its edges distinct. A cloud so sharply etched that one could write on it. A new day had began and what this day would bring--I had not a clue!

I laid on a mat in the terrace, and watched the single cloud. The cloud didn't move an inch. Stationary it stood as if nailed to the spot. I closed my face with my palm, and all of a sudden, the brightness of the sun disappeared.

Inside that darkness, I saw rain drops splattering the sea. Such beautiful rain, falling from the majestic sky and not a soul to witness it. The rain strikes the sea and yet, the fishes don't know it. Look at the rain long enough with no thoughts in your head and you gradually feel your body falling loose. Shaking free the world's reality. Rain--it has such powers to hypnotize.

In this rain I stood by the sea. Completely drenched by the rain of reality of what's been lost. Not too soon before I was lost in my reverie, I felt a hand rest, gently on my shoulder. Without giving it a glance, I knew, it was my inner voice. "Maybe it was not meant to be." "There's a better plan maybe." I smiled and soon I was dry with the birds singing, welcoming another day.

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