Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wedding bells? I'm a mother anyway!

Talking to dragon always leaves behind a feeling. Mostly good and there are times when weirdness is all that is left behind. A weirdness that keeps questioning you. Keeps looking for answers. Setting up a chain of sleepless nights for you to figure out what the hell did he mean by it? Or, why did he even say it? I have asked in history to get answers like, "I was angry", "I wanted to hurt you" ... Ideally his answers have never been something to stand grounds. Not bringing up the past but today, he said he was ready to get married. Whatever the reason be.

"Oh! Good that u told me in advance. At least your wedding would not be a shocker".
"A shocker? Why? Why would it be a shocker to you? You are a mother"!
"We'll wasn't my wedding news something to you? Same way. It would be something to me."
"But you are a mother!"

What do I take of this? Will I be sad? Of course not. Happy? Not sure. One thing... It would definitely be something. Ruben is getting married May 25. Abhishek is on May 20. They don't even mean close to what you mean and yet their wedding means something to me.

I understand him asking why would it be a shocker. But adding it not to be a shocker just because I'm a mother! Well. Yes. I'm a mother. Married to the best human being in the world. So hell with your life. You want to keep me out of it, please do. Never actually 100% believed that I had a space. Like always, it's an illusionary world I'm living in.  I lost my dragon a long time ago anyway.

By the way, I am glad you read my blog. Hope you will be courteous enough to leave back some comments here. Tried calling you while I was writing this to ask why you said such a thing. Glad again that I could not reach you. I wouldn't have got an answer anyway. I would be mad for you not caring about what you said or, doing anything about it after knowing it made me uncomfortable. You would have got mad that I am mad on you. You would yell, tell me you don't want to talk. The subject would close for you while, I continue to think what made you say such a thing every time we spoke. 

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