Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yin Yang. Guiding and Confusing the same time.

There are always two piglets. One who sits on your right shoulder and the other on the left. While the right one is red, has horns and filled with rage, the cute piglet on the left, dressed in white, fluttering its wings, looks so calm and peaceful. This one is always guiding you to the right direction, only you do not want to go that way. The red one is directing you to do what you want, telling you what you want to do and yet, you find it difficult to do so.

These two characters, living in the cartoon world, who really are they? I have always found myself at situations, talking to both of them. They never really help. They just stand there. One telling me exactly what I want to hear, while the other tells me how wrong that would be to do. And they don't stop at that. Once they are done standing, they relax their butt on my shoulder. They sit down and the white piglet tells me, that my actions will pay in the future. And just when I am convinced, the red one jumps up to my ears and says, "Future! Screw it! Do what the presents wants. Who knows the future?" Yes! they never really help. They just come and go as they please. I pondered a bit on the situation and realized, they are just there to confuse me even more. Confuse and mess my whole system to a degree larger than what it already is.

They sure are not imagination. The more I think, the more I realize they are just the brain and the heart. Always conflicting at the situation you need them the most. Present in situations, only to confuse you more than you already are.

Brain and the heart. They do amazing things. Amazing things when they work together as well as, when they decide to do exactly the opposite thing. They always change roles as per the situation. My heart has not always been the angle and I won't guilt my brain into being the devil all the time. My heart tell me, "love is all around". "You don't need to see it. Just believe and you will fell it". And just when I begin to feel it, my brain tells me, "how much longer are you going to fool yourself?"

The very next moment the heart says, "the future. Make what you want of it. Let yourself loose. There is a better world out there. "Your life is perfect and a responsibility awaiting." As I smile to my heart, the brain begins, "Future? Did you not decide to get what you can before he is gone forever? Six months, a year at its best?

They never help. You give up listening to them. You try to get into a world leaving them behind. "Let them fight it out amongst themselves" you say, and leave. And while you think you have left them behind, they have asked their dear elephant friend to rest on your chest. A volcano explodes and throws you down to the bottom of the sea--the elephant still resting peacefully on your bosom.

Who is the evil one? Who is the angel I must listen to?

I wonder if in the fight of the heart and the brain, you should let the brain have the victory? The heart will pain and the pain will be of its own. But when the brain is disobeyed, it does wicked things. It makes you sick. Makes the heart bleed and snatches away every peace the body had left. Time heals the bleeding heart, but the brain, it is just too strong for time to bandage the wound.

Just read what I wrote. If I ever get another tattoo, it sure is going to be something that depicts this. Oh wait! I already have yin-yang tattooed o_O

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