Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life like a book

A book of short stories or, a novel. How would you describe your life?

I overheard a lady sigh as she was talking to her group, "my life is a book of short stories with sad endings" The cluck cluck went on as I busied myself in getting the day's task done before getting into another meeting. Keeping in mind to pen down my thoughts on the topic.

I get down to thinking if I should say it's a collection of short stories or, a novel. There are instances that say, life isn't a novel but, a collection of short stories. Me being the protagonist and every person I meet, being a new chapter. Every person I meet teaches me new lessons, makes me laugh, cry, gives me something to remember before the new chapter begins.

Ever wondered how moving onto a different phase of life, your past acquaintances tend to take a different meaning? At times they feel weird and even annoying that you think they are doing to purposely since their part is over! They hardly come to your mind and on occasions you miss them.

The last line here makes me think on Kinjal. Or, maybe holi made me think of Kinjal. Nice guy. Can get irritating but...nice. He used to call me every festival. I wanted to return the favor yesterday. Hunted his digits. My phone is full of his old numbers. Did not have the enthusiasm to call his mother to get his number. Oh yeah! At least I have his mothers number. A hope that I will be able to reach him if I really want to.

Noisy place I am at. Sitting here watching people work, phones ringing, shredders running, discussions happening, gossips floating, keyboards tapping, I push Kinjal aside, promising a post for him and suddenly, the room grows quiet as I get my thoughts back to comparing life to a book. 

Life compared to a novel too sounds equally right. You move on from one person to another and yet, the old person continues living with you. Characters multiply but, it is always the selected few who remain in the story. A person you spend your life with, a person you wanted your life to end with, a person for whom you mean the world. And the novel varies, depending on the 3 mentioned people being the same or, different.

And the noise is back. I think of Dragon and wonder, how he manages to have a part in my collection of short stories as equally as the novel?

Life is like a book
A book of short stories
Collected from the past
Hoping to have it in the future,
Until you meet that person and decide
it is time to pen down a novel.

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