Tuesday, March 05, 2013

"I love You" in all my words.

Every time I hear the words, "I love you", spontaneously I ask, "how much"? I believe, though not follow, that it is impossible to measure love. And when it becomes impossible to measure, how do you accept if it is true or, not?
Given this age of technology where everyone is busy sliding fingers on their phones, do I feel safe saying, it is love, if you are the screen saver on his phone? When that some one does not feel the desire to check his phone every minute that is spent in your company? In other words, your absence builds an urge so strong that he can not take his mind off the phone? The a fore sentence brings to me another question. If you have been starting at the phone, desperately wanting it to buzz, it is obvious, that the other has not called. "I love you but, do not expect me to call 'cause I too get busy". Does this make "I love you" any less powerful? Ask me and I would say yes. "Been busy. So busy that though I had the time to check FB and Whatsapp and your messages, I could not send you a text deviating you to stop gazing at the phone and get on with your life for some days because the phone is giving nothing out! And a few days later, the phone rings, "I love you" and the flood of sadness and despair vanishes. This is what technology does to "I love  you" :-D Measurable? True? False? Speaking of vanishing, does it really vanish or, does it just turn into dust? Dust under the carpet, lying in a freshly cleaned house, waiting there to show once the carpet is lifted.

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