Monday, March 25, 2013

Forgetting to get fucked

"Brinda. It is okay to forgive. I like the fact that you can forgive so easily. But I don't think you should forget? And this very thing about you is fucking you up."

Got this in office today. I shut my mouth. I didn't have the energy to debate or, even discuss the topic. Or, maybe I just thought they would not understand. Plus they were right when they said, "this whole thing about you is fucking you up."

I know this ability of mine to smile and put things behind, as if nothing happened is getting me fucked. I always thought it was a virtue to forgive and forget. But giving a thought to, "your ability to forget is fucking you up", I seriously think I need to work my principles again.

Damn ...I am too tired to write a word more. Speaking the truth, I know what I heard in office today is true. I just don't want to accept it. Maybe, I am not tired. I just don't want to write because, I don't want to end up confirming that I am letting the wrong person fuck me.

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