Monday, February 25, 2013

Pissed off. So damn pissed off and hate the fact that blogger does not have smiles to show that.
Who ever thought of similes, was/is a nice dude. Imagine talking with a straight face! Now I know talking and writing are two different things but, isn't your mind already talking what you are writing? So right now, I am pissed and have these faces I want to make but, blogger is not helping me depict them. Since, blogger is not helping me depict them, I'm having to screw my face differently to express how I feel about not having the smiles I want.
Writing does amazing things. I started writing this being highly pissed. Lack of smiles in the blogger distracted me from being pissed and the frown that I have been carrying all day long has been redirected to the opposite direction.
Drag recently asked me why I write if I do not want to be read. If you are reading this...looks like I have answered the question.

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