Thursday, February 14, 2013

I wrote myself a poem! :-)

There's a beautiful metaphor locked in your skin,
Luring me into committing yet another sin.
 Locks of hot melting tar,
Yet it has the smell of the twinkling star.
Lucky is the breeze. He gets to flirt with them.
 Deep brown eye of yours always have something to speak?
What are those answers that they seek?
Bowing down when shy, big when they sparkle up with joy!
Your laughter like ripples in the water
To hear them forever, my life I am ready to slaughter.
What did the rain do to get you to roar? I can be the rain, for a laugh I so adore. 
The gentle smile that you wear,
Causes pain this heart can not spare.
Is it silence alone, with whom you share this secret? Or, can I be a part of that bracket?
What does the sun do that you so gladly take him in your arms?
Tell him to be gentle. I hope that skin of yours he does not harm.
What is it that you do with the moonlight?
The scar on your forehead, result of your romance at midnight.
For once, let me make you mine.
Let me be that sun. You are the one for whom I want to shine. 
Let me be that breeze, the rain.
Let me be your silence, just for once take away this pain.
Romance with me the way you do with the moon. Of your love make me a cocoon.


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