Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Confession of a drama queen

With the buzzing of the phone, I can see the curtains of the stage fall as I bow to the audience, until I see them again. Smiling, clapping. End of another drama! A drama with lots of emotions. Pain, self loathing, anger, a decision made, never again and yet, the phone rings to drop that curtain. A smile with the shuttering of the stage. Anger and pain, both lost. The decision made, fading like a mirage in the face of reality.

Wonder if the day will come, when the curtain would fall as I bow to the audience with my team, only to emerge a few seconds later from the curtain to tell them, "Thank you for being such a wonderful audience. This was the last drama. Finally the time for 'never again'." The final claps, would they even mean anything or, would they mean everything?

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