Saturday, January 12, 2013

What will life be without you would be?

I look into your eyes
they are playful, they are begging
they have done something they shouldn't be doing
I hear your voice
they are protecting, they are warning
they are calling me for a game
I feel your breath; warm, comforting,
a security they assure.
I hold you in my arms, and bury my face into your coat
and wonder what life would be without?

It is irritating when with you sloppy tongue you lick me awake
But it is worth it when I can hold you and cuddle back to sleep.
Before the chirping of the birds, it's your panting I hear.
Before my morning tea, it's your walk that we take.
But you show me how beautiful the mornings can be
watching the cool breeze kiss your fur is far better than the sip of tea.


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