Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And again the lamb fell in love with the lion

And again --
The lamb fell in love with the lion.
What a stupid lamb! What a cleaver lion!
Slithering in pain by the lion's grip, It looks at me innocently
And this time, I felt no sympathy, not even minutely.

Maybe now the rest will know
Why they were designed as a herd to bow.
 They will all sit now and have a word.
And realize the price to betray the herd.

Some call it faith, But how could a betrayal ever be safe?
Some called it trust, but isn't betrayal always unjust?
Some sat down to mourn, wondering how could love ever be so badly torn
While some sat to ponder,
Did the lion ever love the lamb in return,
Or, was it only his blood that he yearned?

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