Friday, December 07, 2012

Memories bought by the picture in the trunk

I found an old picture in my trunk,
That aroused the memories, which for months were sunk.
My finger I run over it, and stop at your lips
Attached by your naughty bite, my finger quickly slips.
I found an old picture in my trunk
Reminding me of the time we spent when young.
Wind and philosophy it blew our lung.
The innocent prank, alcohol and laughter
That led to disaster.
In the trunk I found your jacket
In it hidden was the stolen cigarette packet.
It makes me miss the winters we laid on bales of straw
Under the moonlit sky, finding stars that matched a bears paw.

The times when we could share our blue joke
And blow our worries in the mysterious smoke,
Unaware of what was hidden in the dust of future.

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