Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easier forgiven than forgotten

It is so much more easier to forgive than forget. But then, every time you close your eye and recall what it is that you have forgiven for, it squeezes the pleasure of your forgiveness. No wonder a wise guy said, "forget and forgive". Smart enough to put forget and forgive together. But is forgetting really as simple as granting someone your forgiveness?
There are things in life which no matter what you do, stays with you. Its like a scar that the childhood fall from the tree gave. The pain it gave you, the concern it caused your parents,  it all disappears with time, but the scar, it remains--right there where it was left, sending in blurry images your entire life time of that very incident that took place. And if the mirror alone was not enough to keep reminding you of that scar, there are the people around who keep questioning the origin of that scar. "Oh! How did you get that one"? "When was it"? "Was it painful?" You fail to recollect what made you fall from the tree, the time and date of that fall, fail to bring back the pain it had caused you and yet you know, that it did happen. It is the same with people. They cause you pain, you hurt and finally, believing that time will heal things up, you try to forgive the person who caused you all that pain. But really, does love make you forgive the person, or is it your own selfishness to move on that makes you grant the forgiveness without forgetting. Forgiveness with forgetting--it is something you do to keep your own sanity intact. Like looking into a tunnel and finally finding a tiny bit of spark being emitted. With a smile you gaze at that spark -- a deathly train--only to find it approaching very fast, so close to you now that you have no time to move away. And soon it engulfs you bringing back all that pain, all the memories you thought you put into a chest and threw into the deep blue ocean. And one day, the chest is found. All the treasured memories reappear only to rip you apart, take away your sanity and remind you of the pain it once caused.
No wonder it is said, to forgive is easy, but to forget is a virtue.
How true ;-)

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