Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 29

Being a parent. The most challenging job and yet, there is nothing that prepares you for it. No school educates you on it; no college provides you a degree. A new responsibility. Becoming a parent is a realization that there is a life that would be dependent on you. A life that you have to provide for, support and love. Your actions, your words, your behavior is something that is going to mold that creature. A Single cell developing inside you, taking form, developing into what will be your child. You see this child grow every day-- the change in height, the change in weight, in voice, in appearance. As the years pass, I wonder if  parents miss the face of their child that they saw for the first time? Do they remember how tiny these fingers once were,or the sound of that first cry? They see this infant of theirs grow into a toddler, into a pre-teen, teen, an adult. They see their child become a grandchild to some one, a friend to some, a student, some one's sibling, a spouse, a son or daughter in-law. And one fine day they go on to become a parent themselves. The circle just goes on and on.  

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