Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fifth month love

I haven't even seen you
yet I know, I will love you.
Your voice unheard
and I long to hear you.
With my eyes you see the world,
with my ears you hear them all,
but soon you will have your own sight, your own sound.
And that will be the day we will be two bodies, two soul
Until then, we are two hearts beating in one.
I haven't even seen you,
yet I know, the most beautiful you shall be.
I wonder what it is
A cute pink bow, or is it a mischievous blue?
A dancer you will be, or will you go save the world?
whatever you are, what ever you will be
All I know...I will always love thee.
I might not have seen you yet,
I might not have heard you yet,
but I feel you, and it is the best feeling to have. 

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