Monday, January 03, 2011

pregnancy journal--9th week

Low energy levels, dropping BP, heavy feeling in the head and an over sensitivity to food. This was the feeling with which it all began. First visit to the doctor was fine. An antibiotic and paracetamol prescribed and I was sent home with the advice of adding more table salt to my diet. The next visit was a prescription of antacids, suggestion to add more salt to my food and a recommendation to check my TSH level (thyroid check). Visit to the doctor became scary when the TSH test showed that my body wasn't creating sufficient hormones. While buying Thyronorm from the chemist, just out of the blue, I asked Paresh to get a pregnancy test too. Everything froze when the pregnancy test showed two pink lines. I was pregnant. And it was at this time that I experienced shock, surprise, joy and tears all at the same time. Paresh and I would soon be parents! A straight drive to Craddle where we were congratulated, prescribed folic acid and asked to wait for an appropriate time to be scanned. The next visit to Craddle was on December 30, 2010 where we realized we were 8 weeks pregnant. The first noise of the baby's heart beat, the tiny buds in place of the limbs, a dot for the eye. All in all a 4.1 cm long creature in a 3.2 cm sac resting in my tummy. Resting so peacefully, without knowing where it was, what it was, or what a difference it was making to the world outside it.

A tiny liquidated jelly, 
Resting peacefully in my tummy, 
This little thing, 
Who can't even move or try to kick, 
And yet it can make me so tired and sick. 

Today, Monday; 3rd of January, 2011, as I turn 9 week pregnant, my baby continues to develop within me. Tiny skin over its eyes have begun to take shape as eyelids, the nose formation begins now, and the ear, I think would begin its development. 

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