Monday, January 04, 2010

Twilight-a book review.

"Never judge a book by its cover", they say, but for me, its been the guiding star to select a book. Apart from forming a special attachment to the writer, my only criteria for picking up a book of the store, is its cover. Something that looks beautiful from outside, my theory say, has to be good within. Stephenie Meyer's Twilight too caught my fancy in the same way. Many a time that I saw it in the store, the sheer size of it made me avoid buying a copy. The size of the book was accurately, irreversibly proportional to the time I had in hand. The fatter I found the book to be, the lesser time I thought I had to finish the book. But the cover of this book, Twilight, had something very attractive about it. Black background and a pair of extremely fair hands  holding  the forbidden fruit. Bite-able.

Let me assure you, every book that I have read based on its look, has mostly turned out good. And this book, Twilight, has been just unexplainable. A fantastic story line, tender and extremely sensual. Told in the voice of 17 year old  Bella, this story narrates the attraction between two species. Bella who moves from Phoenix to Fork to complete her high school finds herself falling in love with a person who has been thirsty for her blood since the day he first sniffed her presence. The story moves on to describe how difficult it is for them to continue together and yet so difficult to part ways. Of course, like they say, 'love conquers all'. And that is what happens here. Love conquers all, the day the vampire tastes the blood of his lady love. Stephine Meyers describes the vampire so magically that it impossible not to fantasize a moment with Edward Cullens.
Twilight is a must read. I am looking forward to get the other 2 book of the trilogy.

Happy reading.

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