Saturday, January 02, 2010


A dedication to Dragon's ever lasting love... Coffee... :-)

Sitting with you on a flat bottom boat,
There is a longing arise in my throat.
The aroma of your skin
for long lingers on my chin.
My lips want to rest where you are slim
Yet I do not want to commit another sin.
I look at you and try to absorb your color
Reddish gold and caramel
It overtones the sunrise and the sunset.
I drop some sugar on your body, a lovers sweet embrace
You gently gulp the sweetness of the world, leaving behind the velvet darkness.
With care, I clasp you in my arms, and bring my lips on yours,
A molten gold, my tongue on you with pleasure
Mesmerized by the purple tones of the Jacaranda flower.
Tough emotions glancing off my most tender smile,
breathing your aroma that have crossed miles,
As each thought stretches to a simple perfection
My innocence is lost in your reflection.
Only a devil, I think can make such an enticing flavor
It makes me helpless when my body yearns for you every hour.
You are my love, my Grande Latte. 


  1. Oh I don't like coffee or tea...For me it's either water or wine ;)

    1. LoL. Thanks for stopping by. Let me try writing one for water or Wine soon then ;-)


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