Monday, December 21, 2009

The shopkeepers know I am getting married.

Feels like every friend of Paresh just decided to get married. Every other week Paresh has been telling me about the wedding we need to attend next. And if it not Paresh's friend, it is one of my colleague who is getting married. This has left me wondering what do I wear? I do not have fancy salwars to portray, sari wearing is a challenge to me, and if at all I am ready for the sari wearing challenge, I realize there are no blouses that fit my every growing body. Anyway. So I decided I need to go shopping. And with my wedding ticking to almost 27 days away, I am getting quite some sponcerors for my shopping spree.
I have been out there shopping shopping and shopping and looks like all the shopkeepers know what I want. Paresh and I were at lifestyle and I was telling him, "I want a new watch." I shopped for Rs. 4000 at lifestyle, and got a gift voucher from TITAN for Rs. 2000/- (Of course, there are conditions apply with a tiny star, which does not allow me to buy a watch with the voucher straight away.)
The next day, we were discussing about what kind of a dinner set and oven we need to buy. We shop at Shoppers Stop and get a complete 24 piece microwave safe dinner set worth Rs. 3000/- free.
I guess next time I enter a shop, I will tell it loud to Paresh what else we need for our new house. Think I will be lucky again to get what I want?

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