Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jingle All The Way

Come December, and with it comes the anticipation to welcome a brand new year, buying Christmas and New Year gifts for the near and dear ones, and with it comes the game of Secret Santa.
Secret Santa- a game we have been playing since school, college, and are still continuing the tradition. At office I see groups all over playing the game of Secret Santa. People are handing chits to the security guy to pass on. There is the cafeteria guy who has been put on the job. A look out for a trustable messenger is at high. People are making a wish list for their Secret Santa to get them. People are giggling with what their Santa’s got them, there are pranks being played all around, and every one has turned a detective to figure out who is whose Secret Santa.
And if this reader is some one who hasn't played this game, I must say, "You should." It simple and gets lots of joy of peoples face.
Here is how you play it.
Number of players required: 4 or more.
How to play:
You make chits with the name of all the players.
Each player picks one chit. The name on the chit is whose Secret Santa you will be.
Once you know whose Secret Santa you are, you need to do something each day to make that person happy. You give them a gift, write them an email, or post them a letter. The wish is yours. The only condition is that you can not tell whose Secret Santa you are. Simple? Indeed. This may sound childish, but trust me; it is a great team building game.
Merry Christmas!

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